Friday, January 24, 2014

New Titles by Ashland MFA Faculty Members

Announcing new books by faculty members at Ashland University:

Enchantée by Angie Estes

"Angie Estes has recently created some of the most beautiful
verbal objects on the planet."
—Stephen Burt, Boston Review

Publisher's Weekly review of Enchantée

Enchantée is recommended in Salon's Ultimate Book Guide for 2013.

Milk & Filth by Carmen Giménez Smith

"Giménez Smith generously deploys physical—often violent—imagery to challenge classist, consumerist, and socially polite forms of feminism."—Publishers Weekly

"A sharp, feminist manifesto by way of poetry collection."—The Nation
Order Milk & Filth on Amazon

The Sanctuary of Illness: A Memoir of Heart Disease by Thomas Larson

''Written in the tradition of Sherwin Nuland and Anatole Broyard, Thomas Larson's The Sanctuary of Illness is both a meditation on mortality and a call to arms in the face of the inevitable. By turns defiant, humorous, earthy, and literary, the work is a felicitous mix of memoir and reporting: the heart as a pulsing source of both truth and fact.'' --Madeleine Blais, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist

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Happenstance by Robert Root

Happenstance is a widely thematic and sharply focused individual and family account of post–World War II midwestern America. With its multiple modes (vignette, meditation, photograph, ekphrasis), it subverts and redefines memoir, always asking how a person might seek to know himself within the larger context of nation and history. Robert Root's prose is a refreshing joy to read.”—Patrick Madden, author, Quotidiana

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Phantom Canyon: Essays of Reclamation by Kathryn Winograd

“Kathryn Winograd’s Phantom Canyon is a compelling collection. Here is the lyric essay at its most perceptive and powerful. I admire the insight and intelligence of the essays, the magnetic and masterful drive of the language, and above all the aching honesty that infuses every page.”

–Robert Root

“In these lyric essays, Kathryn Winograd mines the ore of girl, daughter, mother, wife, and writer, wilding her selves against Colorado’s high country. The immediacy and traction Winograd gets by pinning herself to mountain place and women’s emotion, whether alive now or in memory, is breathtaking, at times, sublime. What a tough essayist–and tender voice–the West has been waiting for all these years, ever since the ancient ones first arrived.”

–Thomas Larson

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