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Call for Submissions - August 2014

Each month, the Ashland MFA Program receives calls for submissions and contest deadlines, which it publicizes in its monthly newsletter.  We've been busy with our 2014 Summer Residency program, but now we're back in action! Listed below are this month's calls for submissions. 

Red Wolf Journal seeking poetry on theme "celebration and ritual" Red Wolf Journal is an online international poetry journal that is published quarterly. They are inviting emerging and established poets to submit their work for publication in the Fall 2014 issue, which has the general theme of "celebration and ritual." Feel free to follow this theme as broadly or specifically as you wish. Our intention is to spread poetry as far as it can travel. Please join us on the journey. Deadline for submissions is September 25, 2014.  More information and a link to our submission guidelines can be found here:

Tahoma Liter…

Videos from 2014 Summer Residency

If you missed your chance to be on campus for the MFA summer residency, you can still experience a small bit of Ashland by watching videos from this year's residency. Here are links to the videos that are available from this summer (not all sessions were recorded):

Kristen Iversen Reading (July 20, 2014)Craft Seminar: "The Art of Weaving Memoir and Journalism" (July 21, 2014)  Rosanna WarrenReading (July 21, 2014)Craft Seminar "Seeing into Saying" (July 22, 2014) Angie Estes, Leila Philip, and Joe MackallReading (July 22, 2014) Stephen Haven Poetry Craft Seminar "Contrapuntal Movements in the Personal Poem: Lowell & Levis" (July 23, 2014) Steven Harvey and Robert RootCreative Nonfiction Craft Seminar "Sentences and Sequences: Crafting Prose by Touch & Sound" (July 23, 2014) Judith Kitchen Reading (July 23, 2014)Craft Seminar "The Poetry In/Of Prose" (July 24, 2014) Kate Hopper and Thomas LarsonReading (July 24, 2014) Thomas L…