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MFA Summer Residency Week 2 Themed Workshops

During Week 2 of our Summer Residency, some of our instructors have opted to focus on a specific theme. You will still be workshopping each others' writing samples, but much of the discussion will focus on the below themes.  

Fiction Week Two Themes Writing Your Obsessions William Haywood Henderson We all have certain topics that we return to again and again in our writing. Somehow, we can't escape our own core interests and obsessions. And, of course, it's your obsessions that set you apart from every other writer. In this class, we'll explore your obsessions and work to get them on the page. Be prepared to let go of your writing inhibitions. 
Personal/History EJ Levy Fiction is an art of invention, but research is still a useful tool to help us sharpen our rendering of what we know and help us write about what we don't. But how does one translate research into vital prose and characters? In this workshop, we will explore how fiction writers can transform researched fact…

Calls for Submission - April

Each month, the Ashland MFA Program receives calls for submissions and contest deadlines, which it publicizes in its monthly newsletter. Listed below are this month's calls for submissions.

Journal Submissions
Upstart literary journal tiny poetry: macropoetics seeks submissions for its second issue. While small, its journal is unique and edgy and has already featured luminary American writers. They are looking for space-based poetry that focuses on the relationship between self and nature, self and items (such as household items, books, etc) and self and other (love, friendship, relationship). They want to curate ten total poems for each issue, twenty-five image poems (macros) and five poems surrounding animals, specifically cats. Send all submissions with an author bio to to

Platypus Press Wildness wants work that evokes the unknown. Platypus Press publishes its online edition every two months. A print anthology will be released once a y…