Monday, January 28, 2013

Driving in the Fog by Joanne Lehman

Driving in the Fog, a new collection of poems by Joanne Lehman, asks questions of the soul, yet remains content with ambiguity. Subjects in this collection range from the imaginative retelling of biblical stories to the telling of personal narratives—both imagined and real. Images bring the Ohio landscape to life. Here readers will find a sampler of traditional poetic styles ranging from sonnet to sestina. 

Driving in the Fog is available now for pre-order from Finishing Line Press.

“Joanne Lehman offers readers a journey with her collection, Driving In the Fog. It is a ride that engages us with her love of language, the chemistry of words freshly brought together, details captured with her painter’s eye, the joy of form and line,” says John Kristofco. “These are poems of place, nature, acts of faith and hope, witnesses to wonder (Great Aunt Rhoda, cold Ohio fields), discovery, and works unafraid to ask the questions of the soul. It is a ride that ranges far but never loses its excitement with the world and words that gather it and hold it in our hearts and minds. It is, indeed, a journey well worth taking.”

Joanne Lehman is adjunct faculty at Malone University, the institution where she earned a bachelor’s degree in Communication Arts. She has an MFA in Creative Writing from Ashland University. Previous publications include Morning Song, winner of the 2004 Wick Poetry Prize from Kent State University, and Kairos: a Novel and Traces of Treasure—both published by Herald Press. Her poetry has appeared in Artful Dodge, Windhover, Great River Review, Dreamseeker, Rejoice! The Mennonite, and other periodicals.

“ …Lehman’s linguistic tones deepen like winter seeds in the fields of central Ohio. . ; the speaker of these poems travels through wintry landscapes, and interrogates, like Job, the nature of suffering, the fruits of aging, separation, and loss . . Though these poems pose more questions than they embody inspired answers, we can trust this speaker, like a pilgrim through life’s vale, to “know the way and trust the road” because she has “traveled long with solitude.” Carolyne Wright, Blue Lynx Prize, American Book Award, Pushcart Prize

“Beneath Northeast Ohio—the unmistakable home ground of these poems by Joanne Lehman—a network of subterranean rivers, once-mighty channels buried by centuries of glacial to and fro, continues to course. Those attuned will hear the mark of those slow, ancient rhythms keeping time here, even if by keeping we mean keeping at bay. In sorrow or exuberance, in houses and in fields, the poems bear in the substrata of their lines the steady thrum of a permanence which, like that water, is a promise beyond belief.” John Estes, author of Kingdom Come

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