Monday, August 15, 2016

2016 Summer Residency Craft Seminars and Readings

Watch or re-watch these craft seminars and readings from the 2016 Ashland MFA Summer Residency. Visit our website for more information on the faculty members and visiting writers involved. Previous year's visiting writer presentations are available on our website as well.

Sunday, July 17
"Revising the Storm" / "Toward a Final Draft"
Ruth Schwartz / William Haywood Henderson

Monday, July 18
Faculty Reading: Alex Lemon, Tom Larson, Bonnie J. Rough

Tuesday, July 19
"Ekphrasis: The Art of Writing from Art"

Tuesday, July 19
Faculty Reading: Mark, Irwin, William Haywood Henderson, Robert Root

Wednesday, July 20
"The Value of Vignettes and Other Variations"
Erika Krouse, Robert Root

Wednesday, July 20
Reading: J. Allyn Rosser, Visiting Writer

Thursday, July 21
"The Voltage of the Volta: Taking the Turn Beyond the Sonnet"
Visiting Writer, J. Allyn Rosser

Thursday, July 21
Faculty Reading: Erika Krouse, Ruth Schwartz,  Joe Mackall

Friday, July 22
"The Poetry of Stephen Haven: A Retrospective"
Tom Larson, Alex Lemon

Friday, July 22
Visiting Editor Reading: Kate Hopper, Rosa Lane, Deborah Fleming, Lolita Hernandez

Saturday, July 23
"Work and the Life of Literature"
Lolita Hernandez, Kate Hopper, Rosa Lane

Sunday, July 24
"Stage Presence: The Art of a Good Reading"
M.L. Liebler, Dana Norris

Sunday, July 24
"The Emerging Writer: Paths to Your First Publications"
Grace Curtis, Jan Shoemaker

Sunday, July 24
Faculty Reading: Mark Neely, Jill Christman

Monday, July 25
"Naming Names: Real-life Characters in Nonfiction and Poetry"
Mark Neely, Dan Lehman

Monday, July 25
Reading: Steve Almond, Visiting Writer

Tuesday, July 26
"How the Wire Put a Cap in Your Narrator: The Necessity of a Strong Independent Narrator"
Steve Almond, Visiting Writers

Tuesday, July 26
Reading: Gretel Ehrlich, Visiting Writer

Wednesday, July 27
"Reading to Write: How to Research a Book"
Gretel Ehrlich, Visiting Writer

Wednesday, July 27
Faculty Reading: Steven Harvey and Stephen Haven

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