Tuesday, December 4, 2012

New Chapbooks from Alumni Kim Ghaphery and Joan Hanna

Announcing the pre-sale period for two of our alumni, whose books have been selected for publication by Finishing Line Press.  Please help them out by ordering during their pre-sale time, which helps determine the print run for each chapbook.

Lemon Grass and Red Curry: On cooking, cooks, art and life
by Kimberly Sinclair Ghaphery

Kim Ghaphery‘s chapbook, Lemon Grass and Red Curry: On cooking, cooks, art and life, is a rich, complex journey into the heart and soul of family through the recipes it shares across generations. Food becomes the metaphoric gateway into the passions, the bitter hurts, and the small moments of tenderness that Ghaphery faces head-on with beauty and clarity.--Kathryn Winograd, author of Air into Breath

Kimberly Sinclair Ghaphery’s Lemon Grass and Red Curry explores the work and celebration of food as it forges intergenerational bonds between women and the families and cultures they love. While her poems often focus on a personal domesticity—the ritual of preparing recipes passed down through her family—the central place of food in our lives, and the position of women at the heart of that center, resonates also in some of these poems toward earlier periods of American culture. Ghaphery’s debut poetry collection is a sensual fest—for the heart, mind, and for the palate! --Steve Haven, author of Dust and Bread

Whether the subject is menus or a Fourth of July weekend when she is listening to a Dan Fogelberg tune or is too exhausted to make love to her husband or is wondering if her future will be like her mother's past and present, Kim Ghaphery is as lucid and lyrical as a song in this collection of insights into memory, food, family and love. Confronting our tastes, choices and appetites, she wonders if we are the "carnage or the desire." By the time we read our way from early recipes to creating spinach pies, we slowly realize that we are both. --Samual Hazo, Poet Laureate of Pennsylavania 1993-2003, author of multiple poetry collections, novels, and essays

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by Joan Hanna

Joan Hanna’s fidelity to the subjects of her poems—her ability to portray, in high resolution and with evocative power, the people and places that make up a passionate and compassionate life—is matched only by her talent for spinning lines and sentences that are always surprising, always sparkling with feeling and wit. Braiding the woof of personal experience to the warp of American public life, Hanna’s Threads offers a vivacious and enduring weave. --Peter Campion is Faculty at Ashland University's MFA program in Poetry and Assistant Professor at the University of Minnesota, MFA Program and author of Other People and The Lions.

Joan Hanna's Threads weaves a tapestry of the everyday world and its rites of passages that each of us must pass through. But hers is a tapestry of deception, each thread made up of vivid images that resonate with Pound’s “an intellectual and emotional complex in an instant of time,” and belie the ordinary with the perceptive and the careful heart. --Kathryn Winograd is Faculty at Ashland University's MFA Program in poetry and the author of Air into Breath and Stepping Sideways Into Poetry.

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