Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Summer Residency Recap

In case you missed out on this year's MFA residency at Ashland University, several of the readings and craft seminars were recorded.  Visit the links below to hear presentations by MFA faculty and visiting writers.

Visiting Writer Presentations, including readings and craft seminars by Thomas French, Kathleen Norris, David Wojahn, Todd Boss, Thomas Larson, and Michael Steinberg

Faculty Presentations, including readings and craft seminars by Peter Campion, Jill Christman, Bob Cowser, Angie Estes, Deborah Fleming, Carmen Gimenez Smith, Steven Harvey, Stephen Haven, Mark Irwin, Joe Mackall, Leila Philip, Robert Root, Ruth L. Schwartz, Peter Trachtenberg, and Kathryn Winograd

Congratulations are due to the nineteen graduating students of the Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing Program at Ashland University!  The following students defended thesis manuscripts at the summer residency July 24-August 5.

Amelia Berg, Creative Nonfiction - "Para los Niños"
Marilyn Bousquin, Creative Nonfiction - "Searching for Salt: A Memoir"
Varale Goodman, Creative Nonfiction - "Death and Other Transformations"
Joan Hanna, Poetry - "Phoenix"
Detrick Hughes, Poetry - "Sugar-Tooth Confession"
Kimberlee Jackson, Poetry - "Walking Fire"
Erin Joyce, Creative Nonfiction - "The Song of Eirinn"
Jon Kerstetter, Creative Nonfiction - "I Am Soldier, I Am Doctor"
Emily Lees, Creative Nonfiction - "My Hands Are Your Hands"
Nancy Leinbach, Creative Nonfiction - "GETTING TWO YEARS TWICE: Circa La Mia Vita"
Dave MacWilliams, Creative Nonfiction - "Acts of Grace: A Memoir"
Erica Meuser, Poetry - "In America's Wake: Mother and Sons"
Kerry Noble, Poetry - "Stages"
Rachel Peterson, Poetry - "Burn"
Nicole Robinson, Poetry - "Wingspan"
Ginny Taylor, Creative Nonfiction - "The Undrowning"
Laurel Thome, Poetry - "FORCE = MASS X ACCELERATION"
Marci Vogel, Poetry - "Millennial Triptych"
David Wright, Poetry - "Several Heads: A Triptych"

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